Do you just muddle along or do you thrive?

Does your organisation somehow muddle along, managing to ‘just get by’? Or, does it thrive, retain and develop a happy, fulfilled, dedicated workforce whose skill set grows to meet the needs of their roles in an ever evolving world?

Motivated And Competent believes that your team’s competence to do their role is a key part of driving performance and success. Evaluating competence to perform any task is a precise business. So let’s define what competence is:

1. Competence – noun. Possession of required skill, knowledge, qualification, or capacity (to perform a task).

2. Competent – adjective. Properly or sufficiently qualified; capable.

What are you doing to ensure that your people are the best that they can be? How frequently do you help them develop their knowledge, understanding of key concepts, skill at performing critical tasks? What culture of on-going training, qualification study, coaching, appraising and mentoring takes place in your organisation?

Regular evaluation is an important factor in measuring competencies and in taking people from novice to expert level and for their personal development, their satisfaction, their (intrinsic) motivation and goodwill to you and colleagues.

The benefits of getting this culture right are that your people will consistently perform at a high level for you; they will be operating ‘on auto-pilot’ – unconsciously performing their role competently, or at a high level, setting a great example and inspiring others to do likewise.

Motivated And Competent can help you build your team’s capabilities and improve competencies. We can evaluate performance, appropriately support development, plan, goal set, and help you invest in people. Best practice will become common practice. Best practice will become a good habit. Good habits will produce the results you want. Success through and for your team.

Motivated And Competent: personal and business development. Building competence and motivating people to take action.

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