The perfect sales process

We frequently work with major financial services organisations on their sales process. This is to input into those processes, helping to design and deliver learning events about them, and, assess people’s competence in complying with them.

It’s crucially important to be clear on your company’s processes. Especially in a highly regulated environment and one where people’s purchasing decisions are key to their wealth and life goals.

Yet we think there’s one key consideration that is not always central to planning. And it should be at the core of how your organisation behaves. It’s of paramount importance for all your clients.

It is; how people make purchasing decisions and rationalise them.

After all, in our business lives many of us focus on selling our services and products. We often separate this from our personal behaviour as consumers. It’s all too easy to forget the thought process of a purchaser. They are an active rather than a passive party.

Research suggests that people go through each of the following five stages when they are making a buying decision:

  1. Recognition of a problem; or understanding their needs and wants,
  2. Research and information gathering; reflecting on past purchases, seeking data and being influenced by brands and recommendations of friends and family,
  3. Weighing up the alternatives; including weighing up the value offered by the options available,
  4. Purchase decision; deciding whether to buy, why they should buy, when to buy and from whom,
  5. Post-purchase behaviour: evaluating whether or not the experience meet expectations, rationalising whether to remain with the brand in future, the feelings of cognitive dissonance (i.e. the feeling that a purchase of, say, an investment is incompatible with their core wish to be financially secure and a provider for their family).

So my challenges to you are:

  • What do you do to ensure your customers find it easy to buy from you?
  • How do you facilitate potential customers thoughts about their needs and wants?
  • How do you put your customers at the heart of your processes?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from competitors?
  • What are the experiences of your customers and those who didn’t buy from you?
  • Why do clients repeat purchase from you and recommend you to others?

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