How prepared are you for the Mortgage Market Review?

How prepared are are your mortgage operations for the advent of the Mortgage Market Review in April 2014? To help answer that it’s helpful to pose a few focused questions: Who are the impacted employees in your mortgage operations? How are your sales processes affected by MMR? What impacts are there on your back office processes […]

Chameleons, seizing opportunities and thriving in a post Retail Distribution Review landscape

Chameleons are adept at dealing with change and survive as they can react instantly to a new landscape. They seize an opportunity when other animals are threatened and exposed by change. A fundamental change is coming to the financial services sector right now. Will you adapt and thrive or will you be a casualty? We are […]

The Retail Distribution Review: A plea for ethics, professionalism and the return of confidence in financial services

The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) is now upon us. It will be fully in effect from 31st December 2012 but much of the preparatory work has been completed. It will significantly affect the way people interact with financial advisers. It is widely acknowledged that there are many problems with the reputations of financial advisers and […]