Voice messages: do you communicate or stick your fingers in your ears?

Think about the place of voice messages as part of a conversation please: how would you feel if you were trying to have a conversation with somebody when they put their fingers in their ears and walked away? I was listening to BBC Radio 4 this morning (I interact with Radio 4 via various channels) as they […]

Increasing your sales success – client influence and objection handling

Whatever professional service or product you’re selling your success will depend upon your ability to negotiate with and influence your customers. That includes dealing with the objections you’ll naturally face. Of course you’ll pre-empt objections by discussing the value your offering gives the client. You’ll have questioned them, listened carefully, understood their needs, wants and motivation […]

How effectively do you really listen to your clients?

Many of our clients ask us to work with them on their sales processes, to improve their sales skills, leading to higher sales and profitability. In a commercial world we all want to boost performance. Everything we do at Motivated And Competent is about boosting performance. Yet we cannot help thinking that focusing on raising sales […]