Who are you?

There is a clarity and focus that come with knowing who you are. Self-knowledge helps us stay true to ourselves and to our principles. It’s a prerequisite for orientating ourselves towards whatever we consider to be success or happiness. If you were asked the following four questions what would you say? What do you do? […]

The importance of building and maintaining strong, trust and respect based, relationships

There’s a crisis of trust and respect affecting some in what previously seemed an unimpeachable elite class. This crisis has affected many. They include banks (for example the recent LIBOR scandal and money laundering scandal), some individuals at the top tier of banking services, politicians (the expenses scandal, the widely perceived betrayal of values and pledges after election) […]

Pandora’s box, ethics and doing the right things right

  Whatever part you play in life these days you are potentially doing so in the public spotlight. A few years ago, before the mass take up of blogging and social networking, who’d have imagined that that there would be so much public comment, over and above the mainstream media, on the following? The departure […]